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We are the experts in transportation


We do things differently.

Technology plays a vital role in the quality and efficiency of our services. At A&A Express, we remain committed to providing our customers with the most dedicated and advanced services the industry has to offer.

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    We keep operating costs low with late-model, fuel efficient equipment. Our equipment saves fuel and adds to driver comfort.
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    Utilizing McLeod Communication Systems keeps us in touch and informed about your shipments.
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    Smart Reefer Technology maintains cargo temperatures within a very narrow band with a continuous supply of moist, cool air.
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    Because our methods diminish dehydration, fresh fruits and vegetables are always delivered in the best possible condition.
Trust in us

Our Accolades

A&A Express and our drivers continue to win awards from all across the industry.  We take road safety very seriously and maintain a list of Sacred Seven Critical Life Safety Rules. Our drivers also frequently participate and win big at the Nebraska & South Dakota Truck Driving Championships!

Teri Spencer

Step Van 1st Place Winner SD Truck Driving Championship

Marty Ellis

4-Axle Truck 1st Place Winner SD Truck Driving Championship

A special thank you goes out to our drivers who help A&A Express succeed!  


We provide support to the food services industry by transporting Refrigerated, Temperature-Controlled, and Frozen goods throughout the United States.

- 24/7 In-Office Dispatch Available

- Samsara Positioning & ELD System

- 650 53' Reefer Trailers with Trailer Tracking

- 30+ Years in Dedicated Service Programs

- Company Drivers & Owner Operators

- Low Driver Turnover, Low Costs, High Customer Satisfaction

- Real-Time Load Tracking

- Latest Refrigeration Technology

- Minimize or Eliminate Product Loss with Quick Delivery

- Reduce Your Operating Expenses

- Reduce Costly Dock, Storage, & Shelf Times

- Prevent Health/Food Safety Violations & Fines

A&A Express delivers temperature-sensitive shipments in an efficient and timely manner.
Together, we can increase profitability, reduce costs, improve quality, and promote consumer and customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose A&A Express?

Fast Delivery

We can get your product to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. With 24/7 dispatch and OmniTrac positioning, we are equipped with the latest technology to ensure positive results.

Temp-Controlled Refrigeration

Only a few degrees of variation in temperature can reduce shelf life by up to 50%. Our refrigerated trailers are equipped with technology to maintain a safe and stable temperature.

Safety & Compliance

A&A Express has an excellent safety record. We take pride in the accolades we've received over the years. We follow the rules which reduces costly dock and storage time. We keep your products moving!


Our logistics team will find the fastest way to move your freight.

By being agile and able to adapt at a moment’s notice, we can ensure an excellent delivery by finding the most effective way of getting from point A to point B.

Why choose

Fast & Safe Delivery

Even a small increase in temperature can affect shelf life. We deliver your loads safely and on time. We always minimize loading and unloading time to ensure the freshest and fastest delivery.

Wide Variety of Products

Any temp-controlled confectionary or baked goods can be shipped in trailers that are designed to properly cool or refrigerate each shipment to ensure maximum freshness.

Safety & Compliance

We work tirelessly to prevent health and food-safety fines. Our team can also provide specialized handling when needed. By minimizing economic expenses, we reduce operating expenses.