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The Sacred Seven Safety Rules at A&A Express 

At A&A Express, the safety and well-being of our drivers and the communities they serve are of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve created our Sacred Seven Safety Rules, a comprehensive set of guidelines that outline our commitment to safe practices on the road. These rules were crafted through years of experience in the trucking industry and with input from our dedicated team of drivers. Our goal is to ensure that every time one of our trucks hits the road, it does so with the highest level of safety possible. 

Where We Were 

The data tells the whole story of where we were.  Six months ago, we were claiming accidents to insurance seven times more frequently than our competitors. As a result, our accident and loss per unit costs were becoming detrimental.  With one accident per day, these situations came with major consequences.  Our Safety Culture was in shambles.  Something had to change. 

The A&A Way   

The A&A Way is the way we do business. It is represented by the acronym START. These are our core values and the way we treat each other.  

  • S stands for Safety 
    • If we cannot do it safely, then we will not do it. 
  • T stands for Teamwork 
    • If we work together as a team, we can accomplish anything. 
  • A stands for Accountable 
    • We must hold ourselves accountable for our actions. 
  • R stands for Respect 
    • We must respect one another for our ideas to grow. 
  • T stands for Trust 
    • We trust our team to always do the right thing and follow through on words with actions. 

The Sacred Seven 

The Sacred Seven were created to take a hard stance on the behaviors we felt were critical to the safety and well-being of our drivers.  These are our way to showing that we will not stand for a poor safety culture any longer! The Sacred Seven Life Critical Rules are: 

  1. No U-turns 
  1. Cell phones must be hands free 
  1. Seatbelts must be worn 
  1. No excessive speeding 
  1. GOAL! Get Out And Look when backing 
  1. A tug test is a must 
  1. No abuse of PC Time 

Since implementing these, we have lowered overall accidents by 50%.  We went from being in violation of 3 Safety Management System categories down to 0.  We are all communicating as one team with the same message.  Our insurance claims are down in frequency and in total cost.  Plus, our drivers love all the green lights they get at weigh stations now.   

It is always important to look our progress so that we can understand why safety is a core value at A&A Express.  We have accomplished this much in mere months; just think of what we can do together as we move forward. 

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